In this fast-paced accelerating world of technology, we believe the learning never stops. Even though we happen to think that we’re pretty knowledgeable in our chosen subjects, we never want to get complacent and need to continue learning as much as we can so we’re at the forefront of what we do and can deliver the highest level of training. That’s why we call ourselves prefects, rather than teachers – we’re all still pupils.

Trainers, PR training, Prefects, Brand building, Social media
Charlotte Nichols

Head Girl

As well as delivering key note speeches, Charlotte has delivered training in PR and marketing for over 10 years to universities, colleges, schools, businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Specialist subject: Brand building and strategy

Jenn Brown
Jenn Brown

Brand Builder

An all-round marketing specialist, Jenn has worked with large organisations such as the NHS to deliver brand building training in all forms of media.

Specialist subject: Content curation

Trainers, PR training, Prefects, Brand building, Social media
Natalie Devonshire

Brand Guru

PR and social media guru, Natalie has worked with businesses and North East universities to help them generate more press coverage and stand out on social media.

Specialist subject: Multimedia communications

Beth Gilbert, Prefect
Beth Gilbert

Coverage Queen

With a background in law, Beth is an expert in understanding technical language and concepts. She also loves sharing her skills with others, helping businesses to learn and grow.

Specialist subject: Jargon busting