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We can help recruit the perfect PR, marketing or social media expert you’re looking for.

We receive CVs for these sort of roles every day and unfortunately we can’t offer everyone a job (as much as we’d like to!) and we don’t like seeing talent go to waste!

You may think we’re doing our parent company, Harvey & Hugo out of work by offering this service, but one of our core beliefs is to always do what’s best for our clients and if taking PR services in-house is the right thing for you to do, then let us help you do it.

After years of recruiting for Harvey & Hugo (as well as other organisations), our recruitment philosophy is “hire for attitude, train for skill”. It’s hard to find people with the right mix of talent in the PR and marketing world right now. They need to have the perfect blend of digital and traditional experience and often those with years of journalistic experience lack digital skills and the multitude of multi-media marketing graduates lack traditional media experience. The all-rounders in between are like gold dust and if we can find them for you, we will, but if we can’t, hiring for personality and then using Hugoversity to fill the necessary skills gaps is the best solution.

We can even offer our unique talent incubation service, Harvey & Hugo Homegrown, where your new starter can get hands on experience with us by being fully immersed in our office for a few days, weeks or months before starting with you. Now they may come out of this a little bit crazy having spent time with The Pack, but on the plus side they will be ready to burst into action as soon as they are dispatched.

There’s no expensive percentage of salary fees with us either. We simply charge you for the time it takes us to find someone and due to us already having a bustling bank of PR talent, it takes a lot less time than you think.

We can offer the below activities as stand-alone services, right through to the complete ‘Harvey & Hugo Homegrown’ solution. We even like to check up on them once in a while too by carrying out performance reviews.

  • Audit and consultancy on skills gaps and role needed
  • Advertising role
  • Supplying CVs
  • Shortlisting
  • Carrying out interviews
  • Placement
  • Harvey & Hugo Homegrown – our unique talent incubation unit
  • KPI setting
  • Performance reviews

To all of our lovely and talented competitors out there, we haven’t completely lost our marbles and this service isn’t for you…we’re not giving away all of our secrets that easily. ????


To find out more about our recruitment services or to get a quote:

 01325 486666

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