New year, new voice?

Register here   When trying to engage with your online audience, the written word is King. The right tone of voice is an important tool for brand building and is

New Year, new seminar timetable

The start of a new year and school term brings with it a fresh seminar programme for 2020. Our Hugoversity prefects have gone back to the chalk board and compiled

2020 Vision

Register here   Is your business going into the new decade with a clear vision? This seminar will discuss emerging PR, social media and marketing trends to consider as part

So you’re thinking about hiring an NED…

Register here   We will be in the presence of a Member of the British Empire for the October seminar as, Gary Lumby MBE will be our guest professor! The

Creating an impression

Register here   We all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so how can you and your brand make the best impact in the

Social media advertising 101

In today’s constant battle for attention, how can you ensure your social media content is standing out? Sometimes posts need a little boost to make sure they’re being seen by

Like it? Should’ve put a ring on it.

Ever wondered how to engage your target audience? We’ll reveal secrets, tactics and activities you can use to increase website traffic, engage your audience and convert leads.

How to be a Marketing Unicorn

You already know that writing those blogs and case studies each month is important, but are they really doing what you need them to? Are you identifying and taking advantage

Become a LinkedIn leader

Whether you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand, boost sales or simply discover new contacts build new connections, our prefects will guide you through how to make the most out of LinkedIn.

Instagram Insights

Hugoversity presents 'Instagram Insights' a free seminar for those who want to learn more about how to maximise Instagram for business.